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Wilderness First Aid

Deze opleiding wordt gegeven i.s.m. Wilderness Medical Associates en gaat steeds door in het Engels.


These courses are ideal for people who work, pursue outdoor sports or travel in remote areas and in particular for people who are responsible for the safety of others in such locations.


The courses are run by Wilderness Medical Associates from Maine, USA. W.M.A. has been researching, developing and running wilderness first aid courses in the USA and abroad for nearly 20 years. They provide first aid training and certification for a wide variety of outdoor programs, park services, military and rescue groups. W.M.A. are widely recognized as experts in the field and represent the highest levels of quality and experience currently available in this specialized field.
These first aid courses are distinctive from standard first aid courses in their emphasis on first aid skills in a non-urban context, where well-supplied medical help is not immediately available. Providing first aid in such a context is characterized by the following situations:
• “Help” is far away or non-existent and thus the problem situation must be managed for an extended period of time. The care that would normally take place in the hospital will have to be partially provided by you, and you may need to transport the patient to the “help” rather than having the “help” come to you.
• The environmental problems of heat, cold, wet and altitude can be additional complicating factors which are a reality of work / outdoor pursuits / travel in remote places.
• In such remote settings, you will most likely have to work with limited equipment. Improvisation becomes a necessity in this context. Wilderness First Aid addresses the first aid basics from this perspective.

DATES 2017:

  • Open Recertification: 4-6 December 2017
  • Wilderness Advances First Aid (WAFA): 8-11 December 2017